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Are you looking for a room refresher or a complete room re-design for your home?  See pricing below and contact us today to arrange your consultation!

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Space Planning

Design Process

1. Your design will begin with a consultation of the space(s) that you are interested in designing. This process begins with a virtual exchange of photos and phone and email discussions

2. In-person walk and talk.  During this consultation, space(s) will be measured, photos will be taken and you will provide your budget and design goals/ style interest to your design consultant- fee $150. You will receive a written space plan and general design recommendation upon completion of this consultation.

3. If you decide to enter a design contract, a 50% deposit of the estimated service fee is paid, your design plan will be created including furniture, artwork, floor coverings, window treatments, paint, lighting and any other selected decor items

***If a contractor is required for your remodel, our team will arrange a separate consultation with our general contractor.  If you have your own contractor, our designer will work directly with them on the design selections.

4. Once approved by the client, items will be purchased via an assigned payment method to be used by designer or by the homeowner.

5. Desing Day...let the designing begin!

6. Final payments are made upon the completion of the project

Design Pricing

- A full or partial design plan cost is $125 per hour

- - A full design plan includes an initial consultation, space plan, furniture selection, window treatments, flooring, artwork and decor, paint color or wall covering consultation, lighting and customized features such as shelving, etc. 

--- A partial design plan will incorporate a client's personal belongings and additional new items

----You or your designer will purchase merchandise via an agreed upon purchase method (pre-paid debit card, Venmo, Zelle, etc.) and your designer will arrange all items on design day.

Do-it-Yourself Plan

- A do-it-yourself design plan cost is $250-$1,250 based on the number of rooms in your home

- - This design plan includes a consultation, furniture selection, window treatments, flooring, artwork and decor, paint color or wall covering consultation, customized features such as shelving and lighting plan if requested.  Client will be provided with their design plan and list of items to purchase and arrange within their budget.

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