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Staging to Keep Your Listing from Aging!

Have you ever looked at real estate listings and thought "What the Heck...why wouldn't the owners just add a few nice pieces of furniture to this room?...or "Why didn't they clean the bedroom before they took pictures?" Although it doesn't always take a substantial budget to stage a room or home successfully, it does take time and thought to stage a home properly.

By simply staging your entryway and living room may be enough to knock months off of the time your home is on the market and could be the ingredient buyers need to envision themselves in your home. Think of how you feel when you arrive at a friend's home and you are greeted by fresh flowers in a clean and orderly entryway that flows into an inviting and warm living area. Would you be excited to return for another visit? Of course and this is the feeling that proper home staging will evoke in your buyers.

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