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Partial Staging Works!

I just received a request from a home owner who said she just doesn't have the TIME or MONEY to stage a new vacant property for re-sell, but asked if I could do a partial staging job. OF COURSE I CAN! Staging is about evoking emotion in a potential home buyer, so just make sure that whatever room you choose to stage, you do it well. After the consultation, it was clear that we would work on one bedroom, the kitchen and bathrooms. Since the living and dining areas are clearly defined and the only room with furnishings is one bedroom, we decided to focus on it. We chose a simple retreat style theme for the bedroom with a clear theme and spaced furniture to allow for the most space. We went with a gourmet theme for the kitchen and a spa like clean white and gray theme for the bathroom. A suggestion for showings include lighting a clean scented candle to really bring home the feeling of cleanliness and Zen! So they key is partial staging works, if you know what emotion you'd like to evoke, just go for it!

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